Author: Tim Aldiss

Tim Aldiss is Camper Van Man, and is well respected in the camper van, and particularly the VW LT community where he has been a moderator of the VOLT (VW LT Owners) Facebook group

He runs and also very sporadically blogs on Tim also runs his dad's website which he also designed and built. Tim works in digital marketing and has been well published elsewhere:


VW LT 4×4 Restoration

So those of you already subscribed to my Youtube know that I rescued a 4×4 VW LT from Lithuania! I now have it stored in a shared workshop space 20 minutes down the road...


Brittany 2018 Camper Van Trip

At the last minute thanks to impending snow in April we decided to drive south instead of north to the Lake District & the Isle of Skye as planned. Being based in Brighton for...


2018 Season Intro

Some new drone footage by way of a welcome to 2018! I’ve been planning as I’m sure you have. Hasn’t it been extra frustrating with the bad weather! So keen to get out there...


Meet Me On The Sunny Road

It seems like a long time ago, and a long way off right now in the middle of this ghastly extended winter, but this beautiful song reminds me of those sun-drenched, slow-moving, lazy days...

Hobby Vantana 3

Planning A Campervan Interior

I haven’t yet introduced you to my new project. Yes – I bought another van. Yes – it’s another LT. Yes – it’s a 4×4! There’ll be plenty more video and blog posts to...


Favourite Campervan Self Build Interior

So I’m always dreaming of my next conversion and now that I have rescued a 4×4 VW LT from Lithuania I can actually start to think about what my self build interior requirements would...

Tesla Powered VW T3/T25 van 0

Tesla Powered VW T3/T25

With the announcement of the new all-electric VW microbus I was drawn to dig out this amazing short clip of a VW T25 powered by Tesla motors and with an upgraded differential to handle...


Video: Mountain State Overland

These guys just have the best overlanding Youtube channel there is. A purpose that started with a great storyline has bloom into a great series of expedition videos made by a bunch of friends in...


Overland video: best opening credits

OK so it’s a bit of a niche but as you know I’m into my overland videos and take a lot of leads from others for my own (which I hope improves them!). As...


Iveco Tonto Motorhome

OK so not exactly a camper van but I’m a big fan of this chunky looking brick beast! Surely the best of all worlds. Great off road capability but still relatively compact. Certainly one...


Free Overlander Magazine

The great folks over at publish a lovely monthly magazine and they’re giving away a free one this month. You can download yours here. There’s some wonderful imagery and long well thought through...


Video: North Trip

Here’s another video that I love. Again made by professional film makers Soup Bowl Filmmaking and so something to inspire me this is short and sweet:


Video: Road Trip to Lofoten

Check out this totlly inspiring video of a camper van trip around the Lofoten archipelago of Norway. It conjures up the joy of road trips so well. I can’t wait to go there!