Laurie Lee – As I Walked Out One Midsummer Morning

As with all great books this was a recommendation but you don’t have to look very far in the travel genre to come across this absolute classic. Laurie Lee paints mental imagery of place like no other author, and the time frame of his writing is such a great perspective enhancer.

From Amazon: ‘The stooping figure of my mother, waist-deep in the grass and caught there like a piece of sheep’s wool, was the last I saw of my country home as I left it to discover the world’

Abandoning the Cotswolds village that raised him, the young Laurie Lee walks to London. There he makes a living labouring and playing the violin. But, deciding to travel further a field and knowing only the Spanish phrase for ‘Will you please give me a glass of water?’, he heads for Spain. With just a blanket to sleep under and his trusty violin, he spends a year crossing Spain, from Vigo in the north to the southern coast. Only the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War puts an end to his extraordinary peregrinations . . .

“What a waft of Spain! Laurie Lee conjures up such a timeless notion of this wonderful country with such vivid descriptions. I long to return” – Tim Aldiss!

Campervanman Star Rating:  5/5