Lucy Wadham – The Secret Life of France

This most fascinating book of revelations of French life is an absolute must-read for anyone with an interest in France in particular, or even just keen to understand the complexities of immersing yourself in another society & culture.

From Amazon: “At the age of eighteen Lucy Wadham ran away from English boys and into the arms of a Frenchman. Twenty-five years later, having married in a French Catholic Church, put her children through the French educational system and divorced in a French court of law, Wadham is perfectly placed to explore the differences between Britain and france.

Using both her personal experiences and the lessons of French history and culture, she examines every aspect of French life – from sex and adultery to money, happiness, race and politics – in this funny and engrossing account of our most intriguing neighbour.

Pithy, larded with anecdote and all perfectly true. — Sunday Times

This beautifully clever and intellectually challenging book decodes the French way of life, as opposed to the British way of doing things, and reveals much to like about being us – and being them. —Good Housekeeping

Campervanman Star Rating: stars-4 4/5