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Living The Van Life Does It Again!

I could honestly blog about almost every one of Chad’s videos (he of Living The Van Life fame). His blend of campervanning, off-roading, cooking, aerial photography, and even ASMR is outstanding. If you’ve not...


Camping & Overlanding videos of 2020

My Favourite Overlanding & Camping Videos of 2020 There are three main themes that I have enjoyed throughout my 2020 viewing: scene-setting, cinematography, and storytelling. Rather than the sheer “buckle-up and gun it” mentality...


Video: North Trip

Here’s another video that I love. Again made by professional film makers Soup Bowl Filmmaking and so something to inspire me this is short and sweet:


Video: Road Trip to Lofoten

Check out this totlly inspiring video of a camper van trip around the Lofoten archipelago of Norway. It conjures up the joy of road trips so well. I can’t wait to go there!


Ultimate Off-Grid Campervan

From the Great Aussie Adventure Facebook page these images show the epitome of what owning a camper like the Unimog is all about. The couple have been camped here near Broome in western Australia for 5 weeks. Shots...


Video: Full Time Van Lifers

It’s a good time of year to be thinking ahead to what you want to do more of in the new year, and for me I dearly want to spend more time outdoors, and...