Camping & Overlanding videos of 2020

My Favourite Overlanding & Camping Videos of 2020

There are three main themes that I have enjoyed throughout my 2020 viewing: scene-setting, cinematography, and storytelling. Rather than the sheer “buckle-up and gun it” mentality of previous years there was plenty of armchair time this year for discovery but thankfully still plenty of choice for the discerning lounge-based travelller.

Top 10 Camping & Overlanding Videos of 2020

10. Danny & Tulu
A young English couple discovering van life for the first time. I have vicariously enjoyed this discovery from my arm chair during lockdown this year. Some great photography here and a pleasant innocent tempo to it all.

9. The Museroamer Project
Andrew Muse has a great back-story and an already popular outdoor sports Youtube channel. This season he took on an epic overlander build project. Filmed in his inimitable gung-ho way it is as entertaining as it is impressive.

8. KiteVanMan
Things went a little crazy for Alex when he got caught in lock down in Morrocco after Eamon & Bec flew out from their camp together to beat the travel restrictions (see below). Here he gives us a very well edited view of how carried away things can get when you learn how to make your own moonshine in the desert!

7. Eamon & Bec
The end to the European trip (featured here) was almost as exciting as their next van build when they got back to Canada. Entertaining and inspiring in equal measure I just hope they get back to Morrocco to carry on their trip sometime. Plus, like most guys I’m sure, I’m just a little bit in love with Bec!

6. Project Amber
A very late edition to my list but a worthy one. At the end of the 2020 season solo vanlifer CJ completes the purchase of a small but perfectly formed plot of land in Portugal. Particularly pertinent as this is something I would love to do myself.

5. Lifestyle Overland
An inspiration for a long time I was lucky enough to witness this families transition from part timers to full time adventure travellers and with it expand out there story telling to weekly episodes. Kevin is a great cinematographer who really likes to take the time to set up a shot and always gives great background to the location.

4. MCQ Bushcraft & Wilderness Life
Michael McQuilton has an inspirational video style. Now living in northern Sweden Michael takes plenty of trips out in his tricked Jeep Cherokee (the conversion of which is part of his Youtube channel) to film the journey and the destination in a leisurely way that really gives you a sense of the space and the surroundings. Lots of great outdoors travel tips too.

3. GrizzlyNbear Overland
Australian Leigh and Frenchie Steph have been travelling the world in the LandRover Defender for several years and are currently embargoed in Japan, but that doesn’t stop them producing perfectly formed nuggets of story telling that transport you perfectly to foreign and exciting lands.

2. The Way Overland
Anyone who knows overlanding will have heard of Mark and Jolie’s experience of being jailed in Iran 2018 on charges of spying, almost a year into their overland journey from Australia to Europe. As a European it’s fascinating to watch an untypical overland journey in reverse as it were. Some incredible locations, some fantastic drone footage, and let’s face facts Jolie is a little cutie!

1. Living The Van Life
Carl’s 9 years living in his van and developing his movie making skills came to a peak for me when this stunning drive along the White Rim Trail in Moab, Utah got a little hairy. Thankfully for us armchair travellers it was all caught on camera and told in such a way as to really take you there. Carl’s pace is particularly superb.

Special mention:
The Epic Family Road Trip – this family has been on the road for years, the kids now grown up enough to drive their own Jeeps. Always inspiring.

Bonus extras:
Living The Van Life behind the scenes. What it involves to make some of the best overlanding videos out there.

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