Video: Full Time Van Lifers

It’s a good time of year to be thinking ahead to what you want to do more of in the new year, and for me I dearly want to spend more time outdoors, and particularly out and overnighting away in the van. I know I’m not the only one with this aspiration and in the US it’s such a prolific desire there are several social media ‘memes’ dedicated to it. One I’ve covered previously is the #vanlife Instagram hash tag which introduced me to all sorts of stories such as Hasta Alaska (check out Kombi Life‘s excellent best of 2015 video below) and Van Life Diaries, but here’s one I really wanted to highlight – Where’s My Office At Now? Youtube channel. These guys exhibit their love for the open road so well – in a way only Americans can tell it – and luckily for us there are several episodes to dream your way through. I’ve embedded the first 5 below after this superb 2015 highlights reel from Kombi Life. Enjoy.

Van Life EP1 – Who Are We?

Van Life EP2 – How Do We Live?

Van Life EP3 – How Do We Work?

Van Life EP4 – What Are Our Obstacles?

Van Life EP5 – How Do We Fit Into This World?

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