Favourite Campervan Self Build Interior

So I’m always dreaming of my next conversion and now that I have rescued a 4×4 VW LT from Lithuania I can actually start to think about what my self build interior requirements would be for a bespoke camper.

Along with the obligatory sketches, mock ups, mood boards and lists there is of course plenty of distraction from social media, and in particular (this time round compared to the 13 years ago when I last considered being mad enough to convert my own van) Youtube.

There’s one guy in particular who’s channel is a great inspiration – Alex del Oso Villa. He’s a professional self build converter and he shares his inspiration through his research at camper shows. Check out the interior of his latest self build on a very nice extra high top MWB 4×4 Sprinter here:

So as well as that nice clean white-faced furniture board finish I’ve always liked the idea of a marine-type/nautical feeling. A camper is a ship of the road after all. Check out this lovely VW LT interior (a Sinus conversion):

My favourite self build interior

I’m not sure how much wood I’ll end up with… I went overboard with it in my first VW LT camper conversion:

My self build interior from my first VW LT conversion

However I do fancy doing something nice to the floor, for insulation purposes obviously but also to give that yacht type feel. That’s when I stumbled across this guy on Facebook:

Merlin uses 1/2″ 150 year old pitch pine with an epoxy resin and a pin gun to hold it down. He then uses black teak deck sealer in the gaps, removes the excess with a sharp chisel and then sands down and seals with a clear satin UV resistant Osmo oil. More info here. Otherwise there’s now fake teak flooring such as this stuff: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t8qy9UtW0g4&t=6s

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