Planning A Campervan Interior

I haven’t yet introduced you to my new project. Yes – I bought another van. Yes – it’s another LT. Yes – it’s a 4×4! There’ll be plenty more video and blog posts to come and I’ll be sure and introduce you and keep you updated as I go. I’m not planning on selling the Florida any time soon though so don’t panic!

As well as lots of bodywork and some mechanics there’s the interior conversion to do too as this van is a blank canvas. Thankfully for me this isn’t the first time I’ve converted an LT to a camper, however I know how much work lies ahead.

One of the tools I didn’t have at my disposal the last time I did my 2nd self build was 3D modelling software the likes of which Google now gives away free! Check out this first mock up of my planned interior so far:

Amazing hey! I hope you could get your head around which way round it was and stuff. So there’s a double belted seat behind the cab which will convert into a small/kiddy bed, a kitchen in front of the sliding door, a high level fridge next to a compact shower (I intend to build a slide out cassette toilet to save space), a wardrobe, and a raised fixed/occasional rear bed.

I’ve got a bunch of swatches for colour schemes and there’s loads of great 2018 camper designs to pinch ideas from. Here are some of the best:

Planning A Campervan Interior - Globecar GlobeScout R

Globecar GlobeScout R

Planning A Campervan Interior - Pilote Foxy 540G

Pilote Foxy 540G

Planning A Campervan Interior - Winnebago Revel

Winnebago Revel

Planning A Campervan Interior - Hobby Vantana

Hobby Vantana

Planning A Campervan Interior - Pilote v600

Pilote v600

Which one is your favourite? ūüôā

Tim Aldiss

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  1. Chip Keller says:

    Love the site and the info it contains, especially the videos. We’re full time in an ’86 Vanagon with 2 kids and are looking for, among other things, more space. We’re having a (perhaps not surprisingly) tough time locating a Florida for sale in good shape to import. On the off chance your new 4×4 purchase means you’re looking for a buyer for your Florida (or even if you want to drive it around North America and then sell it), please let me know. Thanks!

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