Campervan Interior Design: Maximising Space in Your Mobile Home

Living the campervan life offers unparalleled freedom and adventure. Your van becomes your home, but unlike a traditional house, space is limited. To make the most of your mobile dwelling, maximising space is crucial. This guide equips you with expert advice on creating a comfortable and functional campervan interior.

Key Takeaways:

Planning Your SpaceA well-thought-out layout is key. Focus on what you truly need and prioritise multi-purpose furniture.
Essential Furniture and AppliancesOpt for compact, multi-functional items like convertible beds and storage benches.
Storage SolutionsGet creative! Utilise walls, doors, and even the ceiling for hidden compartments and foldable furniture.
Utilizing SpaceDon’t neglect vertical space with shelves and hanging nets. Consider external attachments for bulky items.
Campervan Electrics and MinimalismEmbrace minimalism and choose energy-efficient appliances like LED lights and portable solar panels.

Planning Your Space

The foundation of a spacious campervan lies in meticulous planning. Start by measuring your van’s interior accurately and creating a detailed floor plan. Sketch different layout options, considering factors like traffic flow, natural light, and ventilation.

Prioritise multi-functional furniture that serves multiple purposes. For example, a convertible sofa bed can provide seating, sleeping space, and storage all in one. Identify essential items you need for your travels and assign designated storage areas for each to avoid clutter. Remember, sometimes less is truly more!

Essential Furniture and Appliances

When considering furniture and appliances for your campervan, prioritise functionality and size. Opt for convertible furniture (I love a murphy bed!) that maximises space and serves multiple purposes. Consider a bed that transforms into a seating area or dining table, or a bench with built-in storage compartments for clothes, gear, or even a portable cooler.

For appliances you’ll need to walk a line between energy-efficiency and space-saving options designed specifically for campervans. This could include a mini fridge, a portable induction cooktop, or a microwave oven. Consider investing in dual-purpose appliances, like a cobb oven or a small air fryer. Remember, every inch of space counts, so choose wisely and prioritise items that can handle multiple tasks effectively.

Storage Solutions

Conquering limited space in your campervan is all about clever storage solutions. Unleash your inner inventor and explore these creative ideas:

  • Maximise vertical space: Utilise walls and the ceiling with shelves, hanging cabinets, and even hammocks for lighter items.
  • Think multi-functional: Opt for furniture with built-in storage, like ottomans with hidden compartments or benches with integrated drawers.
  • Get creative with doors and screens: Employ organisers or hanging pockets on the backs of doors and cabinet screens for easy access to frequently used items.
  • Utilise unconventional spaces: Transform unused corners into storage nooks with corner shelves or install pull-out drawers under the bed for hidden storage.
  • Foldable is your friend: Invest in foldable furniture like chairs, tables, and drying racks that minimize space when not in use.

By implementing these creative storage solutions, you’ll transform your campervan into a haven of functionality, allowing you to bring all your essentials on your next adventure.

Utilising Vertical Space and Outside Attachments

Don’t let valuable space go to waste! Utilise the full height and width of your campervan by installing shelves, cabinets, and hanging nets along the walls and even the ceiling. This creates designated storage areas for books, clothes, and other essentials, keeping them organised and easily accessible.

Additionally, explore external attachments to free up even more interior space. Roof racks and bike carriers allow you to transport bulky items like bikes, kayaks, or surfboards outside the van, while awning attachments provide additional shade and outdoor living space. By thinking creatively and utilising both the interior and exterior of your campervan, you can maximise every inch of your mobile home.

Campervan Electrics and Minimalism

Embrace a minimalist approach to create a sense of spaciousness and ease within your campervan. Carefully consider what truly essential appliances you’ll need for your travels. Opt for energy-efficient options like LED lighting and portable solar panels to save space and power consumption (you’ll be laughing when you are parked in the shade to stay cool and yet can still use solar to charge your battery bank!). Remember, every watt saved translates to more space for the items that truly enhance your adventures. Additionally, streamline your electrical setup by choosing appliances with multi-functional capabilities, like a portable fridge that doubles as a freezer, or a single burner that can handle all your cooking needs. It seems to be in-vogue to go large (and go blue!) on electrics, but honestly it’s not required, By adopting space-saving and minimalistic principles, you can ensure your campervan’s electrical system efficiently supports your travels without compromising on comfort or functionality.


Maximising space in your campervan is about making smart choices and planning effectively. By prioritising multi-functional furniture, creative storage solutions, and a minimalist mindset, you can transform your campervan into a comfortable and functional home on wheels. Remember, the ideal layout caters to your unique needs and fuels your adventures.

I hope this guide helps equip you for your campervan journey. Explore my other guides and consulting services for more detailed information and expert tips. Happy travels!

This is the spacious interior in our newly converted MWB Sprinter. It can be done!

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