Video: Mountain State Overland

These guys just have the best overlanding Youtube channel there is. A purpose that started with a great storyline has bloom into a great series of expedition videos made by a bunch of friends in some of the most amazing parts of north America & Canada. And it’s not just jeeps and pick ups. Check out Boomer, the 4×4 Ford Econoline in Series 3 Episode 5:

Mountain State Overland 4x4 Ford Econoline Campervan

It’s worth watching all series as you learn the original reason for exploring and understand a little more about the #1mile1tree ethos but it’s not until series 3 (which was filmed in 2016) that the filmic and story telling nature of the short films really draws you in. I can’t wait for this years videos to come rolling in 🙂

Oh and they have a great web store too which features all of their gear including the equipment used to make the films…

Mountain State Overland

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