New North Sea Ferry Crossing to Denmark

To many peoples’ disappointment on 29 September 2014 the last ferry to Denmark set sail from Harwich as the DFDS route closed. The prices weren’t cheap at as it turned out the operator could no longer sustain the profitable operation of the route.

In the Spring of 2016 a new sailing starts up sailing to Denmark 3 times a week. From 12th March 2016 it will be possible once again to avoid the 500 mile drive through Belgium, Holland and Germany to get to Scandinavia.

The service, which says that it has started taking bookings via an email address at the bottom of the website, represent good value and will no doubt be a saving on the time, petrol and wear involved in that long drive.

Sailings will once again be possible across the North Sea from Harwich to Esbjerg. The new company are Danish and their website suggest a high level of comfort and customer service. Read more about it here.

New North Sea Ferry Crossing to Denmark

Scandinavian Ferry Routes

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