Review: Campervan Culture gas hob double toaster

CVC Gas Cooker Double Toaster

CVC Gas Cooker Double Toaster

They’re not wrong – this is the best gas hob toaster available on the market today! It claims it does 2 slices at once… well I guess it does as long as they are small slices. You also have to watch your heat if you want proper toast and not just singed bread but otherwise it’s a real great bargain kitchen upgrade purchase.

Good things:

  • finally proper toast on the hob
  • folds flat for east storage
  • nice even toasting pattern (particularly if you’re toasting just one slice)

Bad things:

  • could be even better with a wire mesh on top (pure speculation!)
  • uses the space of one burner when you may have other pans to heat
  • can burn easily if unattended

Go buy one!

Campervanman star rating:  stars-4.5 4.5/5


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