4×4 Fiat Ducato Campervan Prototype

150827_Fiat-Professional_Ducato-4x4-Expedition_03 150827_Fiat-Professional_Ducato-4x4-Expedition_02 150827_Fiat-Professional_Ducato-4x4-Expedition_01

It doesn’t look like Fiat will become the first ever commercial vehicle manufacturer to go into production with a 4×4 camper but they’ve certainly turned a few heads with this new prototype. It’s a lovely looking beast based on the very popular Fiat Ducato/Peugeot Boxer chassis that has become so popular for campervan and motorhome converters alike.

I don’t know about you but the long wheelbase and low ride height don’t necessarily make this a logical choice for a 4×4 vehicle, however (as the video goes to show) being able to thrash it around down gravel tracks and green lanes does make it look tempting. There’s also a hell of a lot more space in there than any other 4×4 camper other than the proper commercial vehicle chassis used by expedition vehicles of Unimog and bigger.

Still we can all dream…

Tim Aldiss

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3 Responses

  1. Ray says:

    Tim, we saw this van at the Motorhome show at the NEC a couple of weeks ago. looked fantastic from the outside. They’ve even copied my way of attaching the waffle boards:-)
    Ground clearance was very poor and had no protection underneath. The interior, however, was a travesty. Wish I’d taken some photos of it.

    • Tim Aldiss says:

      I know I featured it but I have to say that I actually really don’t like this base vehicle! We owned and drove an Adria Twin on this chassis and I have to admit I really don’t remember much about it as it was so bland and boring! Yes it was quick and got us further south more quickly but the feeling of driving it was so far removed for the road that we sold it. Back to the LT ūüôā

  1. 22nd March 2021

    […] The very capable looking Westfalia Amundsen have 4×4 Whatever happened to Fiat’s own 4×4 prototype? […]

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