VW LT 4×4 High Top Camper Conversion


Over on lt-freunde.de there’s a very cool restoration project going on on a Volkswagen LT 4×4 which had seen better days. It’s a very high class top end restoration, right back to the metal on all sides, and with the unique addition to this long wheel base vehicle of a short wheelbase Sven Hedin high top GRP roof. Yup you hear d that right – they’ve even gone to the lengths of extending the high top!

Anyway the photos are just gorgeous and well worth commemorating here.

Follow the thread (I use the auto-translate function of Google’s Chrome browser) here: http://www.lt-freunde.de/forum/viewtopic.php?f=95&t=14497#p74450

vw-lt-4x4-high-top-8 vw-lt-4x4-high-top-7 vw-lt-4x4-high-top-6 vw-lt-4x4-high-top-4 vw-lt-4x4-high-top-5 vw-lt-4x4-high-top-3 vw-lt-4x4-high-top-2 vw-lt-4x4-high-top-1

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2 Responses

  1. Marco says:

    Fantastik work!!!! 🙂 how do you find the door handles? tank you

  2. Sirene says:

    my sven hedin STUDIO KUNSTINBLIK
    (1979 Amsterdam on gaz) in very brave white
    finds a new challenge here

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