GRP Camper High Top Roof Polish

GRP Camper High Top Roof Polish -

Get a shine like mine 🙂

I found mixed information on how to tackle the annual renewal of a campervan high top so thought I’d throw together my efforts on video. It’s all a bit hand held but I think gets the idea across. I’m happy with the products I chose and used, the only thing missing being a wax coat on top of everything which I added a week or so later.

Here are my one-line product reviews:

Meguirs DA Power System drill-attachment rotary polisher: If you have a variable speed drill this is a no-brainer addition. Sturdy and simple it makes you feel like a pro. Interchangeable pads for different applications make it even more flexible.

Campervanman star rating:  stars-4.5 4.5/5

Farcela Factor 6 Rubbing Compound: Takes the crap off without digging too deep into the surface. In some instances it may not be aggressive enough but in others it’s enough to polish and wax over for a great finish.

Campervanman star rating:  stars-4 4/5

Farcela Gel Coat Restorer: A reassuring replacement to help keep your high top weatherproof. Essential I’d say.

Campervanman star rating:  stars-4.5 4.5/5

Autoglym Super Resin Polish: Does what it says on the tin. A little seems to go a long way. Plenty of competition at this level though.

Campervanman star rating:  stars-4 4/5

Autoglym Extra Gloss Protection: Maybe a cost too far for most as the shine was already great before this stage. Another good Autoglym product though. A wax coat at this stage would be more than enough.

Campervanman star rating:  stars-3.5 3.5/5

Other products I use:


Campervanman star rating:  stars-4.5 4.5/5

ArmorAll, SHIELD 17500EN Polishing Wax

Campervanman star rating:  stars-5 5/5

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