Habitat Melamine Campervan Crockery

Like you we’re always on the look out for nicer tupperware (see you in Lakeland!) and finally a decent high street (?) brand has come up trumps with something colourful, durable and light. Pop in to your nearest Homebase and you should be able to pick these up for a song. Here they are laid out and snuggling into out Westfalia Florida’s cupboard:

Habitat Campervan Melamine Crockery Habitat Campervan Melamine Crockery Habitat Campervan Melamine Crockery

Good things:

  • slim & lightweight
  • look and feel durable
  • named high street brand

Bad things:

  • not tested yet so may prove to be hard to keep clean and may not wear well
  • could make you want to eat more!

Campervanman star rating:  stars-4.5 4.5/5

Website: Nadi search results on Habitat.com

Tim Aldiss

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