Chris Stewart – Driving Over Lemons : An Optimist in Andalucia

Ex-Genesis founder & drummer Chris Stewart’s first novel in his the Lemons Trilogy is a real gem – the written modern Spanish version of Manon des Sources! Another novel set in the Alpujarras region of the Sierra Nevada in Southern Spain (one of my favourite parts of the world) which really gives you a realistic sense of how hard but how ultimately rewarding ex-patriating to this most delicious exotic part of Andalusia.

An Amazon review: “I picked up this expecting a variation on the “Year in Provence” theme and found I was totally wrong. The Englishman abroad idea was still the basis of the book however, there the similarity ended. Driving Over Lemons: An Optimist in Andalucia is much more beievable and real. There is no feeling that the stories have been elaborated or embroidered. You sense a commitment to the simplicity of this way of life and that despite the popularity of the novel the family will not be “selling out” on this lifestyle. At the end I felt as though I had experienced the ups and downs of the first years with him. Whilst I came away knowing I would have hated it in many ways I still thoroughly enjoyed this book. Highly recommended and compulsive reading.

When an author is as modest and humorous as this, his story cannot be told too often. (Elizabeth Buchan The Times)

Exquisite … in Driving Over Lemons the anecdote flourishes once more. (Penelope Lively Daily Telegraph)

Campervanman Star Rating: stars-4 4/5