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I drive a series 1 LT. None of them are younger than 21 years old. They have their quirks but to many they are a cherished piece of campervan history. Even more rare and desirable is the 4×4 version, and with each one still alive today (just 1,250 were made) there is usually a good story to them.

Trailsurfers is one such example. This German couple spent sometime researching a fully capable on and off road vehicle that would take them to any inhospitable place that they cared to visit: “We had a list of features in mind and the LT had most of them …and we always loved the look !!“.

The differential switching capabilities have a lot to be desired, and the D24 TDi engines of the later models are desirable if a little limited on power: “I would do [it all] the same way [again] – the only thing I would look into would be a bigger engine“.

But that’s the thing with the LT – while the rest of the world sped up and rushed off the LT retains the pace and purposefulness of the last of the pre-computer-mapped light commercial classics of the early ’90’s and therefore forces you into a mindset of nostalgia and of an affinity with overlanding adventures.



The Camper Conversion

Trip Gallery

Follow their adventures here:

Buy their van here! (for a cool $35k):

And read more on their website:

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  1. christian mastor says:

    Hello! I really love the color of your van (blue-grey) you mind sharing the color code or name? I’m in process of repainting my ’87 vanagon..would like a similar color..

    also, is it a matte finish??

    thank you kindly!

    christian (sebastopol, CA, USA)

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